On-Site Golf Club Repair

Standard Shaft Installation

We have the tools and materials necessary to replace / repair any graphite or steel club shaft.

Shaft Removal

If your shaft is bent, broken or isn’t right for your swing, we have the tools to remove both graphite or steel without damaging the club head.

Shaft Lengthening

Club too short for you? We have the tools on-site to add extensions seamlessly to your shaft to fit you correctly.

Shaft Shortening

If you club is too long, we can shorten it for you on-site‚ in no time at all. We have the tools to work with both graphite or steel. We also can short any putter.

Golf Club Grip Replacement

Although replacing grips seems a simple process, there are specific procedures to ensure both correct removal, sizing, placement, and alignment. We have extensive experience and the right tools to make sure your grips are done right.

Additional Repair Services

  • Ferrule Replacement
  • Head Epoxy Replacement
  • Shaft Re-Chroming
  • Club Head Re-Grooving